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Weight Loss Coaching. At the Lifestyle and Weight Loss Centre in Calgary we give you much more than just a simple weight loss diet plan. With professional support and FREE weekly one-on-one coaching we will evaluate your progress and teach you how to achieve and maintain your ideal weight loss results. You will learn about better eating choices and healthier lifestyle habits that will help you regain control of your own health.

Ideal Coaching TV – daily Educational Video Blog and email support. You will receive a daily short video to motivate, educate and help you stay on track during the program.
This service is provided FREE to all our dieters.


Assessing Your Weight and Health Risk.
Weight Loss Assessment involves Body Composition Analysis (BCA), Body Mass Index (BMI), setting you weight loss goals and evaluating your risk factors associated with being overweight or obese.

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Body Composition Analysis is the clinical assessment of tissue and fluid distribution in the human body. The scan results will tell you how much body fat you need to lose to achieve your healthy body composition.

At the Lifestyle and Weight Loss Centre we use an FDA approved Medical grade Body Composition Analyzer (BCA) to assess your body fat percentage and fat mass, hydration and lean mass level.

This is a great tool for measuring your initial conditions and your future progress.



FirstLine® Therapy (FLT) Specialized Therapeutic Lifestyle Program is a clinically proven, comprehensive Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Program that targets the underlying causes of chronic illnesses.
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Far Infra-red (FIR) Therapy Wraps. Our infra-red therapy is a unique total body system. The infra-red wraps can help you burn calories, reduce cellulite, detoxify your body and increase metabolism and blood flow.
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Nutrienergetics (NES) Wellness Therapy system is a highly advanced computerized technology that provides accurate and detailed information to effectively assess and treat the energetic blockages in your body field (structured network of information and energy). These blockages may relate to certain physical and emotional concerns.
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Nikken, a world leader in wellness since 1975 is known for innovative products that combine science, nature and advanced technologies.

Nikken makes your home the safest environment for you and your family by changing it into the Nikken Wellness Home – a selection of products that create a toxin-free home and support good health by providing restorative sleep, clean air and water and organic-based nutritional supplements and skin care products.

Nikken is a Trusted Partner of Healthy Child Healthy World, the organization dedicated to protecting children and adults against chemical toxins. Healthy Child Healthy World and Nikken share a commitment to create healthy environment where families can flourish. “Wake up Story” – Watch the video below:


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