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We have had great success with clients, both female and male losing weight by following the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program at our Lifestyle and Weight Loss Centre in Calgary.


I sought out Margaret’s help with weight loss and nutrition and with her expert advice I attained my goal in a healthy and informative way.
I was able to lose 30 pounds in 4 months without struggling
I have not felt and looked this good in 15 years and I owe it all to Margaret.
I would highly recommend Margaret for anyone struggling with health or weight issues. She is amazing at attaining desired results in the easiest way possible. She has educated me on how to eat properly and what to eat to maintain my perfect health goals. I am so happy with my health right now and I think that Margaret has all the experience and education to be able to assist anyone in their goals. She is amazing!!

Darcie D. Calgary


Hi Margaret:

I will always thank you for your great support during my weight loss journey, you are a great coach and very professional doctor; I certainly learned a lot from you. I am very happy that my blood pressure is now normal with no medication, so this was a great success for me.

My parents were here this summer and they noticed how healthy I look and were surprised to see my high level of energy!, so they appreciated all you have done for me as well!

With thanks and respect,

Lilia F. Calgary


Since following the Ideal Protein Weight-Loss program, I have lost 40 lbs. Family and co-workers have commented on how much weight I have lost. My clothes are fitting much better.
Since being on Ideal Protein, my cravings have diminished and I am no longer a diet coke fanatic. I love their frothy cappuccinos, chocolate puddings and my favorite, Chocolate Soy.
I am looking forward in reaching my goal and ability to maintain it.
Thanks Ideal Protein!!

Denise C. Calgary


I have been on Ideal Protein for 9 weeks. I have tried to lose weight on my own but with very little success. My friend told me about Ideal Protein and how great it worked for her and a co-worker of hers but it took me about a year to finally decide it was the way I wanted to go. I am so happy I finally made the choice to go to a clinic. I wish I had done it sooner. I have lost 27 ½ lbs and over 30” and I feel fabulous!!!! My husband and daughter are thrilled and my co-workers are astounded with how good I look. Every week everyone in my office wants to know about my weigh in numbers and they are always impressed. Even if I get a bit discouraged they are all there to remind me of how great I look and I can’t believe how much energy I have. I used to get very sluggish around 2 pm but not any more – now when a good song comes on the radio I can’t help but start to “bop” in my chair or in the car (I have to say it’s a bit of an embarrassment to my daughter – cause I can’t dance….) The coaching, videos, blogs and recipes are all very informative and very beneficial. I have recommended this protocol to several of my friends. Thanks Ideal Protein and my coach Margaret.

Linda G. Calgary


I have been on the Ideal Protein plan since February 2012 and I have reached my goal weight loss of 31 lbs. and 22 inches. I want to continue on and go to my next goal weight which is only 9 lbs away. I did this for my arthritis in my legs that made it difficult and painful to walk. I have no pain now and I am very encouraged by this weight loss. I would recommend this plan to anyone who has arthritis problems or walking/mobility issues. My MD and homeopath Dr. are very pleased with my weight loss. My new goal loss is 40 lbs.

Joan E. Calgary


Ideal Protein is more than a diet – it is a whole new life for both myself and my family. Everyone in the family benefits from me being healthier, happier and thinner.

Linda G. Calgary

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