Bridal Weight Loss Calgary

Bridal Weight Loss SPECIAL

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Bridal Weight Loss Calgary


Do you want to look great on your wedding day?

Not every bride wants to lose weight for her wedding day, but for those who do, there is help!

What do you get:

  1. 75 minute consultation detailing your individual weight loss protocol, lifestyle, exercise & supplement recommendations
  2. 1 week’s worth of Ideal Protein products, food intake system, meal plans and food journal
  3. 1 month’s worth of supplements (vitamins & minerals)
  4. Body Composition Analysis (BCA) – body fat %, body lean mass and hydration level ( $20 Value)
  5. Weekly one on one follow up sessions designed for circumference measurements, body weight, and coaching
  6. Unlimited phone and online support throughout your 4 phases whole program
  7. FREE Slimming Far Infra Red (FIR) Body Wrap (a $49 value)



  • $299 One time initial fee
  • Food cost is approximately $90 each week. While you are on this program your normal grocery bill will go down so the money saved there could go towards your weekly Ideal Protein food cost.

That’s it! NO HIDDEN COSTS (for coaching or membership fees)


At Lifestyle & Weight Loss Centre in SW Calgary we help you lose weight quickly, safely and effectively. We offer a doctor designed Ideal Protein rapid weight loss system. It’s a protein and low carbohydrate diet plan with an incredible average weight loss of 3-7 lbs per week.

Our program is a combination of store bought food and ready, pre-mixed protein packages along with essential vitamins and minerals.

The protocol targets body-fat loss while maintaining your muscles and most importantly it’s designed to help improve your overall health. Exercise is optional.

No matter, whether you want to lose 10, 20, 50 or more pounds, with our proven method you get  fantastic results – you lose weight, you are motivated and satisfied, and you are never hungry!

Call us today at 403-714-0517
and start our effective weight loss program!


We have created a special Bridal-Weight Loss discount just for YOU!

 PS. Remember, you could be 3-7 lbs lighter this time next week!